Thermal Wall Coating

Virtually 45% of the all the heat in your house is seeping through your four walls. The reason for the prodigious amount of heat loss through your walls is due to the moisture that finds it way from the outside in. Our masonry clear thermal coating can eliminate this by chemically bonding with the surface and creating an invisible insulation barrier. Our dirt resistant emulsion can also create this barrier for rendered houses while at the same time protecting against all types of weathering and decay.

Protect Your Home. Save Money.

Results That Speak For Themselves

Our clear thermal coating for brick buildings and our dirt resistant silicon emulsion for rendered houses are completely hydrophobic, creating an insulation barrier that shuts out moisture from the outside but also allowing the building to breathe, slowly allowing moisture to escape without getting trapped between an acrylic barrier leading to blistering and flaking of the paint layers as well as possibly saturated surfaces underneath which often become friable and need repairing.

Our clear coating for brick and concrete has been tested according to EN ISO 15148:2002 and will penetrate up to 17mm of the substrate reducing water absorption by more than 95%. This will also protect against dirt, algae, pollution, oil and others.

This will all in turn retain more heat inside your four walls, reduce your monthly bills giving you a return on your investment and at the same time improve your EPC rating adding value to your property

Our applications help to keep your home maintenance free by protecting from the pollutants and impurities, totally slowing down deterioration and with our 10 and 20 year guarantee, you can sit back with peace of mind knowing you have put your money in a reputable and gratifying investment.


Any Colour Your Home

The colour of your home is very paramount, this is why we offer an array of available colours to choose from. Darker through to lighter shades. There is a 15-20 year life span on our coatings so its long lasting. We are sure you will be able to find one of our available colours to your satisfaction.